• BabyCarriers

    Top 3 Baby Carriers Designed for Comfort

    As a new parent or expectant parent you’re probably wondering whether or not to purchase a baby carrier. Baby wearing has become enormously popular in the west of late and with good reason, what baby doesn’t like to...
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    Get Inspired! 30 Amazing Wallpapers That Will Delight Your Kids!

    I’m forever searching for the perfect wall paper for Rains room. He’ll be 20 before I commit to one at this rate. I have a file of nothing but wall paper samples, their sources, and a million different reasons why e...
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Dropping Our Baby Piglets

#236 Of The Nightmares Of Parenting: Dropping Our Kids On Their Heads

I dropped the baby today for the first time ever and he hit his head. I cried for longer than he did. I didn’t actually drop him, I sat him down on the floor and he fell backwards. Everything went in slow motion until I final...

I Love You Forever

Love You Forever

***WARNING: SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!*** I love Robert Munsch books. I grew up loving Rober Munsch books, so I have no f*cking clue how the f*ck I missed out on this gem of a total mind f*ck. My baby-daddy and I are constantly growi...


To Pacify or Not To Pacify?

So my 6 month old is already drooling buckets, putting everything in his mouth and chomping his gums on anything and everything he comes across. He learned to self-soothe at an early age, meaning he’s a thumb sucker ̵...


Carrot Flax Oatmeal Toddler Cookies

These cookies are great for toddlers and super easy to make. They’re very low in sugar and fat and contain only whole grains. They are also super high fibre with the flax and oats! 1/2 cup unsalted butter, room tempera...

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